The history of CCLOGIC Ltd / the highl

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The history of CCLOGIC Ltd / the highlights!

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The history of CCLOGIC Ltd / the highlights!

During our years of operation we have released a lot of high quality
information about the incorporation of Offshore Companies and the opening of
Offshore Bank Accounts in the most secure jurisdictions around the globe.

It is extremely important to us that our clients understand, in full detail,
everything they need to know about the incorporation of their Offshore Company
or Bank Account. We are not afraid of our competition and feel an overwhelming
sense of obligation to make this information available not just to clients of
CCLOGIC Ltd but to the public as well.

The Internet is filled with misleading and incorrect information about the
formation and management of offshore companies and the opening of offshore bank
accounts. No one source can be relied upon and thus we felt it was necessary to
provide people with real information that can be relied and acted upon.

Reliable information is necessary for people to make an informed decision about
the incorporation of their company, and here at CCLOGIC Ltd we are dedicated to
making this important information public.

We publish hundreds of articles on a variety of topics every year and we have
taken the time to list a variety of our most important articles below:

The Benefits Of Incorporating In Cyprus

This article is from November 2008 and includes information on Cyprus and
the benefits of incorporating your company in Cyprus.

Since its release this article has been republished and rewritten by many of our
competitors, to make it appear as their own. We are glad that this information
has been made available to so many people.

Choosing The Right Offshore Jurisdiction For Your Company

This article has helped many people decide the correct jurisdiction for
their companies. At CCLOGIC Ltd we understand that there isn’t just one
jurisdiction to suit every needs. The company’s individual needs have to be
considered when choosing the best jurisdiction.

We would like to stress one important point. It is vital that any business owner
explores carefully the advantages and disadvantages of different jurisdictions
before the incorporation takes place. It would be a fatal error to incorporate
in a jurisdiction that did not match your businesses goals. The right
jurisdiction will help you achieve your financial goals quicker, the wrong
jurisdiction can stop you from achieving your goals completely so care must be
taken when choosing which jurisdiction to incorporate in.

Opening Anonymous Offshore Bank Accounts

The following press released was published while we were able to help our
clients open real anonymous offshore bank accounts. The bank with which these
accounts were opened was a mid-sized bank in a strong economy and with an A+
Credit Rating. This bank continues to operate today, however, they have stopped
offering anonymous bank accounts.

Let us make it clear that at the present time we cannot open these anonymous
offshore bank accounts. We are currently working on new solutions for our
clients. We would also like to stress that we always ONLY operate with REAL


Offshore Company Forum

This press release was created to let people know about the opening of the
only Offshore Company Forum. No other forum to date has this much information
about Offshore Companies, Offshore Bank Accounts and Taxation. Every day this
forum grows larger and currently serves approximately 18 thousands users every
month, helping them to find accurate and relevant information on the formation
of their company or bank account in a variety of offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore Bank Accounts and Debit Cards

The following press release was in regards to the opening of real anonymous
offshore bank accounts. As previously mentioned these are no longer available.
However, we work with many offshore banks in many different offshore
jurisdictions and can help you open regular offshore bank accounts. We have
provided the link below as it includes valuable hints about the use of offshore
bank accounts and offshore debit cards.

CCLOGIC Ltd is a provider of Offshore Company Services and Merchant Services
serving clients worldwide who seek no tax or low tax offshore jurisdictions to
conduct business and banking. We do not engage in any illegal activities with
anyone in order to protect any new or existing clients. We specialize in the
incorporation of companies in Cyprus, the Seychelles, BVI and Belize and are
able to open real offshore bank accounts in Cyprus as well as the Seychelles.

We are willing and able to help you, so please do not hesitate to

contact CCLOGIC Ltd
if you have any questions or need professional advice
for the incorporation of your Offshore Company.



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